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Udacity debuts simulated & real world testing environments to help students hone their practical skills


Online education company Udacity has introduced simulated and real-world testing environments to help students get hands-on experience for deploying their code.

The company has partnered with KUKA and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology to launch KUKA Robot Learning Lab that will be located at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. This lab will enable students to put their code on a real industrial robot in the lab through a web interface and watch the results in real time via a video feed.

It has also introduced a shared simulation environment called ‘Udacity Universe‘ that will enable students of Self-Driving Car and Flying Car Nanodegree to simulate self-driving and self-flying vehicle fleets in urban and rural landscapes.

“As the field of autonomous system matures, people being hired in the sector are expected to have real-world experience in programming, but access to such learning resources is highly limited. Our initiatives in Robotics Learning Lab and Udacity Universe will prepare our students with extraordinary real-time experience equipping them in cutting edge skills.” said Ishan Gupta, Managing Director – India, Udacity India

“Our partnership with industry experts like KUKA and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has helped us create this wonderful resource for our students. We look forward to catering to the demand for specialized talent in the industry better through our Robotics Software Engineer, Self-driving Car Engineer, and Flying Car Nanodegree Programs.” Gupta added.

Udacity had recently announced a nano degree programme in flying car and drones in India and had partnered software services major Infosys to train 500 engineers in Self Driving Car Engineering.